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Are you interested in learning English as a Second Language?

What is ESL?

When students want to learn English which is not their native language.

Why Learn It?

To succeed academically,on the job,in their personal lives.

It can also be a gateway to US citizenship, getting career advancement, getting into college, for gaining personal fulfillment and happiness.

Adam Gordon specializes in personal instruction, college teaching and personal coaching and tutoring.

Convenient Scheduling - See the Richland Community College website for details about college course scheduling and choose a schedule that is most convenient for you.

Adam provides personal coaching and tutoring for:
All Ages and Abilities
Social Groups
Sales or Trade Show Teams
Corporate Contracts

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Certified Instructor- With years of experience teaching in the United States and abroad, Adam Gordon is a certified instructor of English for speakers of other languages. CELTA-qualified by the University of Cambridge, Mr. Gordon holds a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults and is working on a Masters Degree in the history Doctorate in Education Psychology.

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Contact Adam Gordon today. You'll gain greater confidence and enjoyment when associating with English-speaking friends, teachers and co-workers.

Adam Gordon "Adam is great to work with! He's patient, respectful and a wonderful teacher!"

"When I came to this country, I knew not a word of English. Mr. Gordon sat down with me and patiently taught me everything I needed to know. In a year, I knew English well enough to fill out a job application and have a successful interview. I now work in a major office building. Thank you, Mr. Gordon!"

"English is a difficult language to learn, but Mr. Gordon makes it easy and fun. I can't imagine learning from anyone else."

"In today's competitive world marketplace, English is an absolutely "must-have" language. If you are going to learn English, you should learn it from the best. And that is Mr. Gordon."

"In the Hindu language, we have a word that accurately describes Mr. Gordon, and that word is "tejaswani," which in English translates as "One Who Spreads Illumination." Mr. Gordon illuminates his students with the understanding that comes from true wisdom and caring for their welfare."

"I come from a country with very large population, and in growing world's economy it becomes increasingly necessary to communicate effectively with people in other countries. In that respect, Mr. Gordon generously fills the need."

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